High School Camps


2018 High School Camp

This camp is AWESOME!  The adventure programming is packed with an outdoor climbing tower, mountain biking, ropes course, ziplining, outdoor basketball, outdoor volleyball and hiking. Along with all this daytime fun, we have evening worship every night that will challenge you to fall in love with God and to go deeper in your relationship with Him. There is a live, contemporary band and dynamic speakers leading the worship services that focus on today's topics...all Biblically based. Campfire and S'mores round out the night! Bring your friends and come join the fun this summer!

Event Date Program Director Ages Fee

High School 

June 18-21

Kevin Greer 

Grades 9-12

Adult Faculty 




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After completing the online registration, the following hard-copy forms are DUE in the office by June 4th:

  • Physical Form (valid for two years, not to expire during camp attendance)
  • Certificate of ImmunizationMedical Exemption or Non-Medical Exemption (must be up-to-date)
  • Medication Form (Parents/Guardians - be sure to sign the bottom; write, "NONE" across form if there will not be any Rx, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, herbs or homeopathics brought to camp; all items brought to camp MUST be in their original, labeled containers; Physician/CNP must complete and sign form if prescription medications are brought to camp)

Please read the 2018 General Information for check-in and check-out times, what items to bring to camp, etc.